TheTinyOne- Hair elastics Featured in Winter TTC Crate 2016

In our Winter 2016 crate we featured a beautiful unique hair elastic created specifically for our crate. Here at ttcrate we love pineapples! Here's what Katie had to say about how TheTinyOne got started and what infertility means to her.

My name is Katie and I am the owner of 'TheTinyOne'.

My small business started with just a passion to create items that went along with my life. I started making long distance friendship mugs because I moved across the country from my friends and family. Then came the weddings and engagements, I added hair tie favors to the shop! The next event in my life was baby. My husband and I struggled for awhile to conceive our first child. After many negative pregnancy tests and doctors visits our little bundle of joy was conceived in February of 2016. It was great to be able to work with TTC crate since I have personally been through the rough road of trying to conceive. Some new and exciting items are going to be making their way to my shop that are baby related to signify my most achieved life event, motherhood. 

Keep your head high, stay positive and know that you are not alone going through this!